Success Stories
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Prachi Pragya
When you ask for your treatment, it should be all round. Dr. Gyan follows the rule to treat the patient not the disease and hence, I recommend him. I'm his patient and on my personal experience, after running behind many doctors of many kinds, I found his treatment to give me cure from many of the ailments present in my body, like as recurring fevers that had turned into persistent low grade fever and was disturbing every aspect of life. Simply, I was a disease-driven person but this thing about my life was changed due to him. Trust him and follow each and every thing as he instructs, magic will soon start happening in your life.
Abhishek Anand
One of the most experienced homoeopathic physician in Bihar with excellent success record.
Manju Thakur
Very successful track record of more than 10K cured complicated cases. The clinic was being run in Forbesganj of Bihar and this is a new branch in Jharkhand. Hope people around will be benefitted by the vast experience and expertise of Dr. Gyan. Wishing a very bright future.
Simple Solution
One of the best Homeopathy doctors in Jharkhand, Bihar and Bengal of India. World class Homoeopathy with classical approach.